Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
Shipping is a part where we excel. We ship to every part of India through multiple delivery partners. Our orders are shipped by the next day of order. Although our products are pretty durable, we take a lot of care while packing the items for shipment. We use high quality packing material in-order to prevent any kind of harm to the products. Our products are typically delivered between 2-4 days of order, mostly sooner than expected.
Do you need expedited delivery? Please contact us and we will take every step necessary to get you the items as quickly as possible.
Shipping and delivery charges are already included in products prices, unless otherwise specified on or before payment confirmation page.
Privacy & Security
We understand the risks of personal information infringement in today’s world, and we feel honored by the fact that you gave us your valuable personal information. That’s why, we take utmost care of our patrons’ privacy. We have pledged never ever to share their data, in parts or entire, to anyone. We keep all our information strictly confidential, including names, date of birth, email id etc.
All our software are highly secure and password protected. All the important and sensitive information is encrypted, so as to avoid loss of data even after hacking.
Returns & Replacements
All our products are high quality. They are manufactured with high standards and are stocked after many inspections. Still, if you are not satisfied with the product, or feel that the product is not as described, we will take it back. For all the returns, we will credit the amount in the account from where the original purchase was done. This credit will be done after we receive the product in it’s original packing and in intact and unused condition. Typically, these credit take 3-5 days.
If your product is damaged in transit or some product other than what was ordered is received by you, we will give a free replacement. All you have to do is to contact us and let us know about the concern. We will ship the new product as soon as possible. Please understand that we will be able to handle only those replacement requests which are made as soon as you receive and check the product. If there is big gap between product receving and concern raising, we might not be able to offer you this service.
Ordering at is as simple as choose, select, pay. All you have to do is simply choose the products you want to buy, select the attributes, add necessary quantity and pay the amount during checkout.
Once your order is successfully placed, we will take it over from there and do all that is necessary to deliver you not only the product, but also the happiness attached with it.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
All our products are very aggressively priced, that means you will get the best of products at the best of prices – guaranteed. We can keep our prices real down because we have our own manufacturing units where these products are manufactured.
As of now, we do not support “Cash On Delivery” (COD), but we are working very hard to get this option for you. And they are pretty secure also.
We keep running occassional promotions, and that means more benefits for you! Keep checking offers page here and make the best use of these promotions.
Viewing Orders
Viewing or searching for your past orders is very easy. Just head to “Orders and Returns” page from our website footer, search by providing required information and view the order. Alternatively, if you are logged in, use your account to list all your past orders.
Updating Account Information
It’s your account, and you have all the rights on it’s information. If you think that some information is not correct or there is a change, just log into your account and update whatever information you want.
Just a small request, please make sure that the information is correct so we could use it to contact you. 🙂